Volunteers 2015/16

The Leicester Cobras club is a registered charity and is managed, organised and run by volunteers who are mostly team members. So a lot of the players have dual roles in running the club as well as playing wheelchair basketball. All of the club members involved do this on a voluntary basis, which means that they don’t get paid for the work they put in.

There are many roles to running a club like the Cobras and we are always looking for people who are willing to volunteer their time to help. If you would like to volunteer please make contact with us from the information on the Contact the Cobras page.

Below is a list of some of the roles and some of the people who are contributing to the running of the Cobras this season (2015/16 season). Thank you to everyone that has supported the Cobras and apologies if I have missed anyone off. The club couldn’t run with out you.

The Executive Committee:

Ian Trott, Fran Hawkins, Jayant Mistry, Andy Corney, David Forryan, Andrew Robinson, Dipen Sharman, Helen Tolley, Christine Deary, Ryan Dickin, Dave Huckvale & Rae Surtee.


Fran Hawkins (Head Coach), Jayant Mistry, David Forryan, Jig Vaidya, Ian Trott, Helen Tolley, Hollie Sturgess, Christine Deary, Rae Surtee, Ryan Dickin, Danny Higgins & David Codd.

Team Manager:

Helen Tolley

Development and Outreach:

Helen Tolley, Dave Huckvale & Ian Trott.

Marketing and Publicity:

Jig Vaidya, Dave Codd & Ian Trott.

Table Officials & Stats:

Vicky Pearse, Andy Corney, Kate Head, Dave Codd, Dinesh Mistry & Jess Deary.

Match Day Volunteers and Refreshments:

Vicky Pearce, John Aslin, Dave Codd, Kat Head, Jess Deary, Ash Kotecha & Mike Roberts.

Team First Aiders:

Fran Hawkins & Ian Trott.

Team Mechanics:

Ryan Dickin & Ian Trott.

Community Transport Drivers:

Andy Corney & Mick Thorburn.