We are currently not training due to the pandemic but we hope to return to play when it is safe to do so. you can keep up to date on the latest information from British wheelchair basketball.



Regular training sessions are very important for players to develop their own skills and for the club to develop the teams as a whole. The Cobras provide a variety of training sessions to accommodate the different skill levels of the players and of the teams.

All players should also be developing their personal fitness and skills outside of the Cobras’ training sessions. This can be done in lots of different cost-effective ways. You don’t need a court to practice ball skills or shooting… just a ball and some space. Any regular exercise, especially if intensive, will help to develop stamina and fitness. You could also try complimentary sports like hand cycling, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair badminton and wheelchair racing to improve stamina and fitness.

It’s really down to every player. The more you put into developing your skills and fitness, the more you will get out of it.