Male and Female

Wheelchair basketball is somewhat of a unique sport in that junior, adult, male and female players can all play in the same team in a national league.

Each team consists of  a maximum 12 players with only 5 players allowed on court at any one time. The team on court can be any combination of  junior, adult, male and female players providing their combined individual points classification does not exceed the teams maximum points allowance.

Each player is classified in a points system, depending on their disability, between 1 point for someone severely disabled to 5 points for an able bodied player. Each team must play to a specific team points maximum that ensures there is a mixture of disabilities within the team. The maximum team points is different for each league division, with the lowest maximum for the higher divisions and a higher maximum for the lower and development divisions.

There is also a separate womens national league, a junior league and a development league.

When women play in mixed gender teams, (not in the Womens League), they are given a 1.5 point concession that increases the teams maximum points allowance. This allowance is given to compensate for the possible difference in strength levels between male and female players and to encourage more female players into the sport. In the Womens League the women play to their normal classification points.