About Wheelchair Basketball

The Questions

Q – Who invented wheelchair basketball?

A – Wheelchair Basketball was created in 1946 by American Basketball players injured as servicemen during World War Two. It quickly became popular and is now played in 75 countries worldwide.

Q - When did it start in this country?

A – It was introduced to Britain in 1955 and is now played by clubs up and down the country, at local, national and international level.

Q – Who can play wheelchair basketball?

A – Wheelchair Basketball is a unique sport in that it allows male and female players, whether disabled or able-bodied to all play in the same team.

Q – How can teams be equally matched?

A - A system is used where each player is given a points classification dependent upon their level of disability and where the five players on court from each team cannot exceed 14 points in the 1st division or 15 points in the 3rd division. As with any sport, it is then the players individual and team skills that will determine who wins the game.

Did you know?

1 - Wheelchair Basketball uses the same size court and basket heights as in the running game. Which, do you think, takes more skill, practice and dedication to score a basket?

2 - Wheelchair Basketball is a fast, exciting sport to watch, full of action, drama, strategy and plenty of baskets to keep spectators on the edge of their seats.

3 - Using specially designed wheelchairs with cambered wheels, (costing in the region of £2,500 to £4,000 each), players are able to move and turn the chairs very quickly.

4 - Leicester Cobras is a registered charity and as such relies heavily on sponsorship to enable the club to provide the opportunity and support that encourages people with disabilities to play and enjoy wheelchair basketball. Can you or someone you know help fund some of our costs?

5 - There are many ways you can get involved with the Leicester Cobras – from becoming a player or just having a go at the sport at one of our training sessions, volunteering to help behind the scenes or just coming to support the team at one of our home matches. Once you have been to just one game you will probably be hooked. Wheelchair basketball is action packed excitement all the way!