Skills Training – Thursday

Leicester Community Sports Arena, 31 Charter Street, Leicester LE1 3UD

7:00 pm to 10:30 pm – full court

Who can attend:
Open to all Leicester Cobras players.

What training is covered in the sessions:
This session is designed to improve the individual skills of every player at the club. We work on chair skills, ball / dribbling skills, and passing skills as part of the session, as well as other training on shooting and game play. These are vital to learn and then to continue developing whether a player is new to the sport or plays at the very highest level.

Regular training sessions are very important for players to develop their own skills and for the club to develop the teams as a whole. The Cobras provide a variety of training sessions for the players. All Cobras players pay a minimum of £25 per month to train. These fees must be paid even if you’re not able to attend training sessions as the club still has to pay for court hire costs.

All players should also look at developing their own personal fitness and skills outside of the Cobras’ training sessions. This can be done in lots of different cost effective ways. You don’t need a court to practice ball skills or shooting… just a ball and some space. To develop stamina and fitness, try other complimentary sports like hand cycling.

It’s really down to every player. The more you put in to developing your skills and fitness, the more you will get out of it.